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Professional Cleaning Services

Professional Cleaning Services You Can Trust

Running a household is a full time job. Chances are you have a never-ending list of things to get done around the house, not to mention all of the errands that are needed.

When the pace of your life gets out of control with work, family and everything in-between, there’s never time to take care of all of life’s details all by yourself. Take a deep breath! Our teams are here to help!

Maid Brigade’s professional cleaning services alleviate the stress of maintaining your home in a safe, thorough and affordable way. By calling us today, your ever-expanding “To-Do” list will get a lot shorter!

The Top Cleaning Professionals in the Industry: Our People Shine!

As family-owned businesses, Maid Brigade owners focus on healthier cleaning, team building and customer satisfaction! To achieve these goals, we hire only the most qualified employees. From their first day on the job, we provide training to ensure our maids are knowledgeable about the tools they use and expertly apply their craft in your home. All employees go through a structured interview process and background checks before being hired. Prior to stepping foot in your home, they’re insured, bonded and licensed, so that you are covered in case that rare accident occurs.

We educate, insure, mentor and value our employees throughout their time with Maid Brigade. It’s important that our customers also understand that our employees are active members of their local communities. They are a mix of parents, children, siblings and students. We’re proud of the work they do every day in the Maid Brigade uniform, and we’re especially proud of how they represent themselves when not in one. These are just some of the reasons that Our People Shine! 

More Reasons to Choose All Aspects Cleaning Services

Here are a few more reasons to select the professionals at Maid Brigade, where every professional house cleaner is trained and certified in our exclusive Green Clean Certified® service, for the safest yet most effective house cleaning available:

  • Staff: We are a team! If the maids scheduled to clean your home are out that day, we have other trained professionals who can fill-in and ensure that, when you get home, it’s sparkling clean.
  • Company Cars: There is no risk of service interruption due to car trouble.
  • Bonded & Insured: To maximize your peace of mind, the safety of your belongings are guaranteed.
  • Independently owned, operated and conveniently located in over forty states.

Our owners are invested in the lives of their customers and the staff is personally committed to each client. We know you have a choice and want you to choose us!

If you are looking for a professional cleaning service that has the personal feel of a local business and the expertise from over thirty years of professional experience in the cleaning industry, then Maid Brigade is the right choice for you.

All That's Left Behind is a Sparkling Shine!

Apart from the superior quality a professional cleaning ensures - we can’t stress enough how much you will love the way your home looks. Ask yourself if you have time to give your home the tender loving care it deserves. People today are busier than ever trying to balance work, family, home, friends and activities. Maid Brigade makes it that much easier by taking care of a major item on your list. We understand that you want to do it all, do it well and do it without burning out. Let us help!

Because our services are customized to suit each family’s needs, our house cleaning rates vary from home to home. Just a few of the factors that affect our cleaning service prices are the size of your home, the number of people and pets and how often you want your home cleaned.

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Please visit Our Cleaning Services for an extensive list of our offerings and request an estimate to get started.

Trust us. You’ll never look back!

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