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Apartment Cleaning Services

Apartment living provides advantages for many individuals and families that home ownership doesn’t. They’re a great way to position yourself or family in the heart of a city for fast, walkable access to numerous amenities in the area. Also, apartments are an affordable way to strike out on our own and forge a path in life. No matter your reasons, everyone can use help at times keeping their place neat, organized and clean. This is where Maid Brigade can help! We’ll work with you to design an apartment cleaning plan that maximizes your budget and keeps everything green clean. Whether it’s dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors, changing bed sheets, scrubbing showers, doing laundry or any other of the hundred items on your list, our teams make it their mission to provide a healthier environment for enjoyment with family and friends.

Green Apartment Cleaning for Your Health

We made the switch to green cleaning long before our competitors, and in recent years the reasoning is even more prevalent. Scientific research continues to gain a better understanding of the links between toxins like those in traditional cleaning products and health risks. It’s why we use our own products to help remove these harmful chemicals. In fact, we even recommend removing artificial fragrances from inside your home. The compounds included are themselves contributors to an unhealthy environment. Call us today and talk with a local cleaning expert about creating a healthier apartment!

As the only apartment cleaning service that is Green Clean Certified®, Maid Brigade adheres to strict requirements that ensure our cleaning products are as safe as possible for you, your family, your friends and our maids. We utilize green solutions and cleaning practices certified by an independent third-party organization, Green Seal. We even take the extra step of using vacuum cleaners recognized by the American Lung Association to improve indoor air quality. Who knew that carpet could be so clean?! Because we’re completely committed to the health of everyone in your apartment, our maids even rotate their equipment to prevent cross-contamination. In fact, cloths and mops are color-coded, so we can easily identify cleaning supplies and prevent using the same ones in two different rooms.

We Invest in Quality Employees

Your satisfaction is the most important way we measure our performance. Maid Brigade wants every experience to be just as good as the first. To consistently achieve this high standard, we hire only the most qualified employees. Every employee goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure they are qualified and willing to work hard. It’s imperative that each maid, customer service representative and sales expert provides the high levels of service expected with every interaction. We even take the extra steps of performing background checks and bonding, insuring, and licensing each cleaning service professional before they step foot in your apartment. All of this is for your peace of mind and protection (in case that rare accident occurs). Once hired, our maids are thoroughly trained on every aspect of cleaning. They receive extensive education including surfaces (countertops, flooring, etc.), work flow in an apartment, cleaning solutions and microfiber cloth and equipment rotation. The quality of your cleaning is something we proudly guarantee!

Maid Brigade is a firm believer in open lines of communication. After all, how can we meet and exceed your expectations if we don’t know what they are? To help facilitate these conversations, our teams leave a Quality Card with each visit and encourage customers to complete it with feedback on their most recent apartment service. If for some reason you’re unsatisfied with the results, we will quickly return and re-clean your apartment at no charge. This is guaranteed!

All Aspects Cleaning Difference

A major difference between us and other cleaning services is our “Heart at Work” philosophy. The heart in our logo isn’t superficial decoration; it represents the way we approach business. Our maids become a part of their customers’ lives. The knowledge that we clean homes where moms & dads, children, friends, family, and pets enjoy each other’s company is a profound responsibility in our eyes; it’s one we take seriously. Our employees’ caring extends beyond their workday. Many are active members in their local communities. They are parents, children, siblings, students, and volunteers themselves. We’re proud of the people they are and the work they do every day in a Maid Brigade uniform and in their personal lives. These are just some of the reasons that Our People Shine!

Apartment Cleaning Prices

There’s so much to do with family, friends or solo in your local community that no more time should be spent cleaning your apartment. Let the green cleaning experts at Maid Brigade handle it for you. Running a household is a tough job, so we make scheduling an apartment cleaning simple. We’ll work in concert to design an affordable program that gives you the time to enjoy some of the simpler pleasures you’ve missed. Just find a local Maid Brigade, fill out the free estimate form, and wait for our call. It’s that easy! Feel free to relax and treat yourself. We’ll ensure you have a cleaner, healthier home.

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